Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC is a Pennsylvania state-approved third-party Qualified Elevator Inspection Agency. The agency holds qualifications for vertical transportation inspection in Pennsylvania and any other local Authority Having Jurisdiction using ANSI A17.1 standards. Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC works with building owners and elevator service companies to evaluate and inspect their equipment on-site.

All vertical transportation requires regular inspection for operating approval. Inspection requirements for elevators vary by state and equipment type. A third-party inspection agency, such as Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC, witnesses periodic testing performed by elevator companies, such as Category 1, 3, and 5 tests. Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC also performs routine inspections. Building owners will likely receive notification from the state in advance of their inspection requirement. Please note, it is the building owner’s responsibility to ensure their equipment is inspected on time. Failure to pass or perform an elevator inspection can result in fines and equipment shut-down by state or local authorities.

Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC performs elevator inspections and submits their evaluation to the governing state for review and approval. Following the third-party inspection, the building should expect to receive a corrections/deficiencies notice, if applicable, along with a deadline for compliance. Building owners may otherwise immediately receive approval, which qualifies their equipment until the next inspection is due. Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC works with building owners over many years to ensure the routine and systematic inspection of their vertical transportation equipment.


When incidents occur that result in injury, accidents, and other consequences, Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC provides expert witness investigation, analysis, and testimony to assess the cause and opine on liability where requested. Richard A. Kennedy has provided expert witness testimony for various litigation, mediation, and private vertical transportation investigations as well as contractual requirements.

Kennedy applies focus and specialized knowledge to ascertain existing and potential concerns, including determining their scope and causation. Kennedy accurately provides detailed reports, including live testimony, to opine on the facts and his analysis of a vertical transportation incident.

While Richard A. Kennedy can provide incident reconstruction, he also recommends that it is best to engage an expert witness for investigation as closely following an incident as possible. Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC strives to consider every aspect of evidence available to produce the most complete assessment possible.


A building owner should engage an elevator consultant to manage their vertical transportation project while they continue operating their business and building. Kennedy can provide clients with estimates for job costs and schedules; furthermore, he will recommend or coordinate with elevator service and repair companies to ensure the client’s project receives optimal attention.

Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC conducts building audits for building owners to assess the effectiveness of their elevator Maintenance Control Program (MCP). Each elevator unit in a building requires an appropriate MCP for the safety and reliability of the equipment and the riding public. Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC will review and opine on the MCP, which may result in new recommendations to improve the equipment’s performance and security.

Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC additionally performs safety and elevator audits for equipment, which is designed to minimize risk to equipment and passengers as well as potentially limiting liability for owners. A building owner’s choice of elevator consultant reinvests in their equipment for the long-term: Richard A. Kennedy & Associates, LLC promotes vision and increased value for building owners’ vertical transportation through modernization consultation, as well.